Centerlock Conversion Kit

Our Centerlock conversion kit replaces your car’s five-lug nuts or bolts mounting system with a center lock hub adapter which utilizes a single center locking nut on each wheel. Our patent pending center locking system consists of an additional reverse threaded cap which prevents it from backing out and tightens the center locking nut as a safety feature.

This center lock system is identical to those used on the world’s most exotic race cars and motorsports. We have designed and engineered our adapters and locking nut from aerospace-grade forged steel for its strength and durability. Our leading center locking system is widely available in multiple bolt patterns.

Centerlock SYSTEM

Our Centerlock conversion kit is a direct bolt-on that enables you to convert your standard 5-lug bolt pattern hub to accept the RVL Centerlock wheels. This revolutionary system allows you to enjoy the same technology used by race teams in many high-level motorsport organizations. Our kit is compatible with most Euro, American, and Import cars with 5x100mm, 5x108mm, 5x112mm, 5×114.3mm, 5x120mm, and 5x130mm bolt patterns.

Centerlock WHEELS

Our Centerlock wheels designed to be used with our proprietary Centerlock conversion system are unique in every aspect. Engineered and manufactured using aerospace-grade forged aluminum, our 3-piece wheels are custom-made for each vehicle application and hand-crafted in Orange County, California.